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Online reputation repair

The outcome of seeing a complaint against your company or you personally can feel devasting. But in real terms, there is immeasurable loss to both current and future income. Most online complaint sites refuse to ever remove a complaint even if it is found and known to be wrong, misrepresented, a false accusation, sourced from a disreputable competitor or a disgruntled employee, or even slanderous. They purport to prove their impartiality by refusing to remove any complaint -- even though proof can be shown that the accusations are wrong.

The enticement presented by the complaint site is that as a Victim of a consumer ripoff you can find justice by simply writing out your complaint to the world -- presumably to get your revenge or, more nobly, to prevent others from being hurt like you.

In fact, too many of my clients have been irreparably harmed and have done everything possible to rectify any problems with their services and products only to have the customer exercise the power of the pen against them anyway. This is not to say that at times complaints have had a strong foundation in truth and been the impetus for positive policy change within the company. But to suffer negative imaging once the problem has been resolved certainly seems to be an unnecessary flogging that just doesn't end.

Repairing a negative online reputation takes time, effort and a complex strategy that both expands the positive corporate or personal image while at the same time diplomatically addresses the source of the problem with assurances that the causes have been fixed. Timing is everthing. To artificially blast the Internet with information and links at an unnatural pace causes Google to question whether your company is truly an authority or an unnatural phemenon that gets relagated to the Sandbox.

TAO Consultants has developed a unique and effective strategy for repairing a damaged online reputation to either a company or to an individual that requires a well-planned Scope of Work, developed for a designated budget. Our implementation of this strategy will get your company back on track with the image it chooses to present to potential customers and clients, burying the negative online commentaries where they belong -- at the back of the search engine results pages.

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