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ORM Goddess Online reputation management
ORM Goddess

ORM Goddess Online reputation management


Reputation prepaving

A new concept, TAO Consultants can address the potential for a negative reputation in an industry where thre is a higher risk for negative commentary online. For example, an international financial investment site may find itself at risk for disappointed clients in this unstable economic climate. Our task is to develop a very strong, positive online presence that can weather the anticipated negativity that might be directed at your business.

While no business wants to anticipate upcoming complaints, sometimes that is the reality of the industry your company operates within. You can keep your fingers crossed and hope that all goes well -- but that kind of attitude is one that lands your company in the center of crisis and controversy without the ability to overcome the negativity before you experience unknown losses to revenue.

A wiser approach is to prepare with long-term reputation building and branding strategies in advance of reputation problems. TAO Consultants has a unique strategy to accomplish building a positive online reputation that will withstand the vagaries of your market and survive the crisis on online attacks on your company's good name and reputation. Contact us for more information.

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