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Online reputation management strategy

Multiple Points of Presence

The more online properties you have, the greater chance you have of being found. Generally speaking, Google will return at most only two pages from an individual web property for any keyword search (assuming that the page is relevant to the search term). However, your chances of dominating for your relevant keywords increases dramatically as you expand your online presence. For more information on our approach to online reputation management, you can download the full white paper:

Multiple Points of Presence: an Online Reputation Management Strategy.

SEO is the basis of online reputation management

Reputation management begins by providing keyword-rich content on multiple points of presence that counter the negativity causing the problem. There are two types of keyword searches that are used to find a company or individual online:
  1. Branded keywords - keywords that clearly identify a company, person or product by name, and
  2. Industry keywords - keywords that generically identify a product, service, or type of interest, usually without a specific company, person, product or service being known in advance
Everything on the Internet comes down to one common denominator: the keyword. Nothing exists online without a search engine finding keywords that match the search criteria when seeking information online.

It's the keywords, people!

While it is important to know what keywords should be placed on each page of a website, where your keywords are found determines the weight given by Google and other search engines in their algorithms. The first and heaviest weight is the domain name. Next comes the title. Beyond that, there are several addtional keyword-related positions and density ratios that assist in getting found online competitively. See the article list below for an SEO Checklist that can help you with your website's search engine optimization tactics.

The information we freely provide on this website is intended to illustrate our strategy and the complexity of the activities required to build a new corporate brand or rebuild a damaged reputation. If you are interested in more information, please contact us directly.

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