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Online reputation management challenges

»Online complaints stay online indefinitely

Negative complaints online will almost never go away. Most complaint sites have a policy of refusing to remove the original complaint regardless of its truth or validity. When your site is searched and a complaint shows near your website's linke, your image is irreparably tarnished and few people will even consider doing business with you after reading the complaint. Even if the complaint is completely false or has been satisfactorily resolved, the complaint won't be removed and, at best, only modified.

When looking for help with your online reputation management issues, be wary of claims from an ORM consultant that they can get RipOff Report to remove a complaint. This is simply not true. Bernstein Crisis Management published an interview with ED Magedson of Ripoff Report and the results support the fact that he never removes a complaint from his site. As a result, doing nothing is a road to a corporate crisis. Because consumers can complain without having to face the accused, others will join the chorus of complaints without any consideration or concern for the extent of damage that the company will experience.

»Damage from lost business cannot be measured

It's easy to track revenues, expenses and conversions in your sales funnel. However, non-activity can't be tracked nor quantified. But clearly, it is logical to assume that when someone searches the web for your company and sees a Better Business Bureau or Ripoff Report complaint, it colors the reader's perception how you do business.

Regardless of what ED Magedson states in his interview, when your name is tainted by a complaint, business falls. If you read the interview above with ED Magedson, how logical were his arguments? It is not human nature to read a negative review and then determine that you want to purchase their product or service. Going to the next business with a positive -- or at least neutral -- public impression is the visitor's natural choice.

»There is no quick fix for rebuilding a bad reputation

In order to overcome the negative online commentary that influences a visitor to stay away from your business, it is important to take immediate action and make a commitment to take a series of strategic steps. Results can be expected within two to three months at the earliest. It takes time; it takes effort; and it takes commitment on a large scale.

Regardless of your budget, we can state without a doubt, no action = lower revenues.

TAO Consultants' ORM Strategy has a proven track record for both large and small corporations and for individuals who have been maligned. While we are able to work within most budgets, the greater the effort, the faster the negativity gets buried in later search pages. We are committed to repairing coporate reputation issues for any company whose ethics and standards have been compromised by negative online commentary. .

We realize that when someone posts negative statements online about you or your company, it can become what seems to be an endless nightmare. Contact us and we will assess your options and help you restore your reputation.

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