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ORM Goddess Online reputation management


Monitoring your online reputation

Measuring your results

It is important to measure the progress of your online expansion activities so you will know what works and what strategies are successful. There are many programs that help with monitoring your positioning online and the extent of your presence. TAO Consultants uses several programs to measure your presence online, comparing month-to-month results to determine any adjustments that may help continue the improvement based on our efforts.

What to measure

The statistics that should be measured on a regular basis include (but are not necessarily limited to):
  • Positioning on search engine results page for your list of keywords
  • Page rank for the site
  • Positioning for all properties involved
  • Competitors positioning for your list of keywords
  • Visibility online
  • Number of links coming into the site(s)
  • SEO requirements that may change based on search engine algorithms
  • Days it takes before site is cached by search engines
  • Changes in positioning from month to month
TAO Consultants has the tools and experience to implement the online reputation strategies that will expand your corporate presence and monitor the results on a timely and efficiient schedule. For more information, contact TAO Consultants today.

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