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Corporate branding

Branding is clear identification of a product, service or business that has become recognizable within that company's industry. Every company wants s strong brand identification, but few companies really enjoy that distinction.

In order to build brand awareness for your products or service or for your coroporate name, it is absolutely necessary to expand your online presence beyond a simple, core website. You must add additional online properties and jump into the social media arena with full force. There are so many misconceptions about social media that many corporate representatives simply shun the idea of employing social media in their marketing plans.

However, in order to establish multiple points of presence, to effectively brand your corporate image, and to utilize the power of the Internet effectively, a company must engage in social media.

Prediction: any business that is not aggressively using all the tactics available to expand their online presence, risks not being in business within 5 years. Further, any business not online at all, more than likely will be out of business within the next 3 years. Never underestimate the power of the Internet and never lose sight of the most influential form of marketing known to business.

Remember, if you're not somebody@somewhere,com, you're nobody. But if you are somebody@somewhere.com, but nobody knows it, you're still nobody. Define your message and get that message out to the right audience as quickly as you can.

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