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ORM Goddess Online reputation management
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ORM Goddess Online reputation management

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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Unlike gravity, what goes up online, never comes down.

Any company facing the unpleasant experience of reputation damage due to negative commentary online is at risk of businesses losses impossible to measure. There is no way to track lost traffic that that has been diverted because of online complaints. When your site comes up in Google with a complaint site directly underneath -- or worse, in front of -- your link. the damage to your online reputation and corporate image are simply too great to ignore.

Corporate reputation management stages

Reputation management actiivities can focus on corporate image building in three ways:

  • Corporate branding - When a company is building their image and reputation, a strong branding strategy is required to develop an online presence. Creating a competitive presence is essential in today's marketing arena. Any business not online today more than likely will not be in business five years from now.

  • Negative reputation recovery - Once complaints have appeared online, a business needs to work quickly to counter the negative impact before their reputation becomes permanently damaged. TAO Consultants has devised a purposeful strategy we term the Multiple Points of Presence Strategy. We are able rebuild the corporate image and reputation with techniques and activities designed to overpower the negative commentary.

  • Prepaving a reputation - Certain businesses are at risk for gaining a negative reputation simply because of the nature of their business. In this case, the business benefits from creating a strong online presence that delivers the right message to the right audience and builds their brand quickly before problems arise. The ability to combat a negative reputation with a powerful existing positive reputation can create the tools a company needs to survive a reputation crisis.
TAO Consultants will help repair your negative online reputation, build a positive corporate image online and prepave your corporate image by developing a strong corporate reputation in a risky industry or market. We have helped large corporations, small companies, and public figures with measureable success. For more information, contact us.

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online reputation management


ORM Goddess
  online reputation management


ORM Goddess
  online reputation management


ORM Goddess